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Friday, 22 March 2013

Favourite Science Fiction Stories: Volume 6

“Perchance to Dream” by Richard Stockham,
“Father Image” by Robert Silverburg,
“Tree, Spare That Woodman” by Dave Dryfoos,
“Disaster Revisited” by Darius John Granger,
“Subversive” by Mack Reynolds,
“The Stutterer” by R. R. Merliss,
“Infinite Intruder” by Alan E. Nourse,
“A Bottle of Old Wine” by Richard O. Lewis,
“B12′s Moon Glow” by Charles A. Sterns,
“A Logic Named Joe” by Murray Leinster,
“No Strings Attached” by Lester del Rey,
“The Street That Wasn’t There” by Clifford D. Simak,
“Regeneration” by Charley Dye,
“Wheels Within” by Charles V. Devett,
“The Lonely Ones”, by Edward W. Ludwig,
“The God in the Box” by Sewell Peasley Wright,
“Scanners Live in Vain” by Cordwainer Smith,
“New Hire” by Dave Dryfoos,
“The Enormous Room” by H.L.Gold and Robert Kreps,
“Turnover Point” by Alfred Coppell,
“Breeder Reaction” by Winston Marks
Read by Cindy Hardin Killavey, Christopher Strong, Emmett Casey, Jim Roberts, Veronica Giguere, Kevin Killavey.

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