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Friday, 22 March 2013

Favourite Science Fiction Stories: Volume 4

This fourth volume of Favorite Science Fiction Stories contains 22 more gripping tales. Included are

“Arena” by Fredric Brown
“Mate in Two Moves” by Winston Marks
“Love Story” by Irving E. Cox”
“The Golden Man” by Philip K. ~censored~
“Advanced Chemistry” by Jack G. Huekels
“The Dueling Machine” by Ben Bova
“Time Enough at Last” by Lyn Venable
“Sorry, Wrong Dimension” by Ross Rocklynne
“Duel on Syrtis” by Poul Anderson
“The Gostak and the Doshes” by Miles J. Breuer
“Keep Your Shape” by Robert Sheckley
“Home Is Where You Left It” by Stephen Marlowe
“Planet of Dreams” by James McKimmer, Jr.
“Blessed Are the Meek” by G. C. Edmonson
“Incident on Route 12″ by James Smitz
“The Invader” by Alfred Coppel
“Monkey on His Back” by Charles DeVet
“Robots of the World Arise” by Mari Wolf
“A Woman’s Place” by Mark Clifton
“The K-Factor” by Harry Harrison
“The Hanging Stranger” by Philip K. Dick
Read by Jim Roberts, Cindy Killavey, Emmett Casey

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