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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brandt, Lyle - Lawman 04 - Massacre Trail

Massacre Trail (2009)
(The fourth book in the Lawman series)
A novel by Lyle Brandt

U.S. Deputy Marshal Jack Slade must stop cross-country carnage.

The homestead killers have been cutting a bloody swath across Oklahoma Territory, leaving behind a trail of corpses, slaughtering whole families on isolated farms and stealing their livestock. Slade follows the trail of bloodshed to the town of Paradise, where he aims to stop the butchers - before Paradise becomes a hell on earth.

Product Description

Lyle Brandt's Lawman novels put listeners in the saddle with U.S. Marshal Jack Slade as he brings justice and order to the untamed American frontier.

Residents of the Oklahoma Territory cower in fear as a band of homestead killers pillages the land. But retribution is coming to these ruthless outlaws in the form of Marshal Slade, who is planning to end their reign of terror in the small town of Paradise.

Narrator: George Guidall
Audio format: mp3 98.6 MB
Genre: Western, Fiction, series
Source: digital library conversion
Bit Rate: 32 kbps
Length: 7 hour(s) and 11 min.
Publisher: Recorded Books (June 17, 2010)
Version: unabridged

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