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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brando, Marlon/Cammell, Donald - Fan Tan

Fan Tan (2005)
A novel by Marlon Brando and Donald Cammell

Originally conceived as a film treatment, Fan Tan is a tale of high adventure set in set in the 1920s, the story of a sailor in the South China Sea who meets a beautiful Chinese woman pirate. The movie was never made because Brando changed his mind about starring in it, but eventually Brando and Cammell turned the idea into a book-length manuscript. Ed Victor sold the novel to Pan back in 1983, but before publication Brando changed his mind again, shelved the project, and in 1986, returned the signature advance. Donald Cammell committed suicide in 1996, but after Brando's death, Cammell's widow decided to pursue publication. So, even before the tale of piracy and adventure begins, the book itself has quite a story of its own. It reveals a new side of Brando's talents, a classic page-turner in the tradition of James Clavell.

Product Description

A wholly unexpected, hugely entertaining work from one of the greatest actors of our time: the story of an eccentric early-20th-century pirate, on the high seas from the Philippines to Shanghai, a larger-than-life character that Brando could have easily inhabited himself.

Anatole "Annie" Doultry is in his early 50s, with an imposing physical presence and a reputation to match. In 1927, he is serving six months in a hellish Hong Kong prison where, on a whim, he saves the life of a Chinese prisoner.

The prisoner's employer happens to be Madame Lai Choi San. Beautiful, ruthless, and shrewd, she is one of the most notorious gangsters in Asia. When Annie gets out of prison, Madame Lai thanks him with an offer of inconceivable wealth if he will join her in the biggest act of piracy the world has ever seen. Madame Lai is a seductive and powerful ally, but Annie is about to discover that she can be an even more powerful, and dangerous, enemy.

With his longtime collaborator, screenwriter and director Donald Cammell, Brando worked on this story for years. He's left us with a rollicking, swashbuckling, delectable romp of a novel, the last surprise from an ever-surprising legend.

Narrator: Simon Vance
Audio format: mp3 113 MB
Genre: Fiction
Source: Audible aa conversion
Bit Rate: 32 kbps
Length: 8 hour(s) and 16 min.
Publisher: Tantor Media (January 3, 2006)
Version: unabridged

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