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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blood of Angels – Michael Marshall

The tense and suspense-filled follow-up to The Straw Men and The Lonely Dead. Ward Hopkins’ past come backs to haunt him with a vengeance when an ex-CIA colleague tracks him down, desperate for help in solving a bizarre series of events surrounding a covert government experiment which has gone badly wrong.Meanwhile Ward’s brother, The Upright Man, has escaped from prison — where he was awaiting trial for murders beyond number. And Hopkins’ erstwhile ally and former homicide cop, John Zandt, is still on the trail of the organization which killed his daughter and Ward’s parents. the further John digs, the more extraordinary the secrets he uncovers.The shadows are gathering, and across America forces are stirring. Only Ward, John and FBI agent Nina Baynam stand against this tide, and against The Upright Man — who now has a grudge against just about everyone in the world. It’s only a question of where the killing will start … and whether it will ever stop.
Read by John Chancer.

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