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Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Steel Wave – Jeff Shaara

Jeff Shaara plunges his readers into the minds of the commanders who gave the orders, and the soldiers who carried them out with the rifle and bayonet.Omar Bradley, the stoic and thoughtful American general, is responsible for the lives of every American soldier in the extraordinary operation. George Patton, the war’s most outspoken and controversial figure, chafed noisily in England, impatiently waiting while others did the fighting. He served first as a simple decoy with a phantom army at his command, a brilliant deception to convince the Germans that Patton will in fact lead an invasion elsewhere. Once the Allied foothold is secure, Patton is finally turned loose, and energizes the historic breakout that drives the Germans in a chaotic retreat across France. Above it all is Dwight Eisenhower, “Ike”, whose overall strategies and command decisions unite the American and British forces into an unstoppable fighting machine.On the mainland, the German defenses along Hitler’s Atlantic Wall are commanded by a familiar adversary, Erwin Rommel, one of the 20th century’s finest combat soldiers, and the primary German voice from Shaara’s previous volume THE RISING TIDE. Faced with the task of tossing the Allied invaders back into the sea, Rommel must confront not only the enemy on the beaches, but the enemies in his own high command, including the increasingly deranged rantings of Adolf Hitler. Familiar names emerge too, each with a distinctive voice: Churchill, Marshall, Montgomery, Hitler, and more. From GI to general, this centerpiece of Jeff Shaara’s saga on the Second World War carries the reader through the events of the most crucial weeks of the Second World War—events that altered the flow of the war, and ultimately, changed history.
Read by Paul Michael.

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