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Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Vet’s Daughter – Barbara Comyns

Alice Rowlands lives with a father glowering ‘like a disappointed thunderstorm’, a fast-fading mother and a beastly menagerie in a dark house in 1930s Battersea. With her mother’s death, life becomes almost intolerable for Alice, whose father treats her as a slave. Then kind ‘Blinkers’, the vet’s assistant, arranges for her to live with his mother in the country. There, Alice revels in the beauty of nature and falls head over heels for Nicholas, the lovely boy who takes her skating, motoring and smiles at her. But Nicholas has other fish to fry, and Alice is forced to fall back on a talent for rising above her troubles…
Read by Susannah Hawker.


  1. Both of the files for this book are Part 1. Part 2 needs to be uploaded.
    Thank you.