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Friday, 22 March 2013

Murder in Clichy – Cara Black

Aimee Leduc, private investigator specializing in computer security, has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner Rene Friant. He urges her to learn to meditate: she could use a more healthful approach to life. The Vietnamese nun Linh has been helping Aimee to attain her goal, so when she asks Aimee for a favor-to go to the Clichy quartier to exchange an envelope for a package-Rene prompts Aimee to agree. But the intended recipient, Thadee Baret, is shot and dies in Aimee’s arms before the transaction can be completed, leaving Aimee with a wounded arm, a check for 50,000 francs, and a trove of ancient jade artifacts.
Read by Carine Montertrand.

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