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Monday, 11 March 2013

In Harm’s Way – Ridley Pearson

Sun Valley sheriff Walt Flemings budding relationship with local photographer Fiona Kenshaw hits a rough patch after she is responsible for a heroic river rescue yet attempts to avoid the press. Despite her laudable actions, she begs Walt to help keep her photo out of the local paper. Confused by her protests, Walt thinks shes just being modest about her heroism. While Sun Valley is known as a billionaires playground, Walts job still keeps him grounded firmly in reality. One day hes rubbing elbows with political royalty; the next hes stepping over spilled jam jars while investigating the vandalism of a local home by a brown bear, and trying to find sitters for his twin daughters. Hes dodging Fiona, chasing down criminals, and attending charity fund-raisers, feeling like hes leading a double life.
Read by Christopher Lane.

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