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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dangerous Things – Amy Blankenship & R. K. Melton

Everyone says there are two paths in life, but for Jewel Scott it looked like both of them were very dangerous things. One led toward Anthony, a murdering psychopathic Werewolf who was also the head of the city mob and her fiancé…against her will. The other road led toward Steven, a Werecougar whom she had knocked out with a baseball bat on their first meeting. He retaliated by kidnapping her and making her his mate.
Steven Wilder had fallen for the bat-wielding temptress in more ways then just hitting the floor…. He wanted to keep her. Finding out she was promised to the mob gave him the reason he needed to kidnap her and make her his mate…for her own protection, of course. Anthony Valachi had become obsessed when she was no more then a child and, under mob rule, he’d gained control over his bride to be. If anyone thought they could steal her they were wrong…dead wrong.
Read by K.B. Stanford.

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