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Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Maya Codex – Adrian d’Hage

A dynamic thriller about the search for a mysterious object from an ancient culture. A riveting doomsday conspiracy. Deep in the Guatemalan jungle lies the Maya Codex, an ancient document containing a terrible warning for civilisation. Archaeologist Dr Aleta Weizman is desperately searching for the codex, but powerful forces in Washington and Rome will do anything to stop her. When CIA agent Curtis O’Connor joins Aleta in her dangerous quest, he also becomes a target. Both Weizman and O’Connor know that the earth will align with a massive black hole at the centre of the galaxy on the winter solstice, December 2012 – just as the Mayans predicted. Might a geographic pole shift be on the way? But if discovering the codex can avert this global catastrophe, why are some within the Vatican and the CIA determined it should never be found? The race is on for Weizman and O’Connor, and the very future of our planet is at stake. From the corridors of power in Nazi Germany to modern-day Washington, from the secret archives of the Vatican to the Temple of the Lost World pyramid in the jungles of Central America, The Maya Codex takes us on a heart-stopping journey to find the codex before it’s too late. Unabridged. Read by Alan Daly.

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