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Monday, 28 January 2013

The Call of the Weird: Travels in American Subcultures- Louis Theroux

Read by the author, this is Louis Theroux’s hilarious and thought provoking journey through weird America. For 10 years, Louis Theroux has been making programs about off-beat characters on the fringes of US society. Now he revisits America and the people who have most fascinated hin to try to discover what motivates them, why they believe, and to find out what has happend to them since he last saw them. Along the way, Louis thinks about what drives him to spend so much time among the weird people and considers whether he’s learned anything about himself in the course of ten years working with them. Has he manipulated the people he’s interviewed, or have they manipulated him?. From his Las Vergas base, Louis revisits the assorted dreamers and outlaws who have been his TV feeding ground. Attempting to understand a little about hinself and the workings of his own mind, Louis considers questions such as:what is the difference between pathology and “normal” weirdness?. Is there something particuarly weird about Americans? What does it mean to be weird? or “to be yourself”. And do we choose our beliefs or do our beliefs choose us.

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