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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Son of Sam by Martin Fido

The 1970s was quite a decade for serial murderers who taunted police and public with sinister notes. Zodiac, terrorising Los Angeless at the beginning: Son of Sam in New York at the end. Our own Yorkshire Ripper identified himself in letters and tape, like the original Whitechapel murderer.
Only, of course, they didn’t. Peter Sutcliffe did not send the jeering “I’m Jack” messages to Assistant Chief Constable George Oldfield. The uncertainly identified Jewish immigrant incarcerated before Scotland Yard realised he was Jack The Ripper did not pen the letters that gave him his name.
And Maury Terry and his associates have demonstrated persuasively that David Berkowitz could not have written both the ‘Son of Sam’ missives.
It should not surprise murder buffs. Dispite the pattern set out by the hoaxer of 1888, it is really very rare for a genuine serial murderer to communicate directly with police or public. Zodiac seems to be a sport.
David Berkowitz is something odder still. A man who has confessed to many murders, some of which he could not have committed. You may not go along with the whole witch cult theory. You may not be entirely convinced by the Manson connection. Even so, for once there really does seem to be a conspiracy behind a crime. And it may not be over yet…..
Running time 2hrs 20mins and total size 50MB

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