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Friday, 9 November 2012

Jack The Ripper – Martin Fido

Leading criminologist and broadcaster Martin Fido recounts the gruesome tales of this most heinous murderer and takes us into the dimly lit, smog filled streets of London’s East End to try and discover his – or her? – true identity.
Was he Dr Roslyn d’Onston an alcoholic and drug addict. Montague John Druitt an impoverished barrister or most sensationally of all Queen Victoria’s Grandson Prince Eddy. All will be revealed…
Running time 2hrs 20mins and total size 45MB
1. Cops And A Killer & Two Murders
2. Double Event & The Clues and The End
3. Theories and Medical Murderer or Murderous Magician
4. Royal Rippers & Identity of Jack The Ripper.
WARNING – These include details and descriptions of true murders which some listeners may find offensive or distressing.


  1. Wow, cool repository on Jack the Ripper. I'm inspired by the detail. Keep going.