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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brown, Sandra - Love's Encore

Love's Encore
by Sandra Brown

A glorious day on the sparkling Utah slopes lay behind her. Flames blazed on the hearth in front of her. Before she knew what possessed her, Camille Jameson had surrendered utterly to the virile stranger - a man like no man she had met before.Two years. The scalding memory of Zack Prescott's passion haunted her. Then came the chance of a lifetime: the renovation of Mississippi's proudest plantation house - a young decorator's dream. Would she have accepted the challenge had she known he would be there... taunting her... beckoning to her in the magnolia-scented night... daring her to risk heartbreak - and love -again?

Narrator: Natalie Ross
Audio format: mp3 81.7 MB
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Source: Audible aa conersion
Bit Rate: 32 kbps
Length: 5 hour(s) and 58 min.
Publisher: Brilliance Audio (November 7, 2010)
Version: unabridged

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