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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brown, Sandra - A Kiss Remembered

A Kiss Remembered
A novel by
Erin St. Claire
length 5:20:15 146 MB mp3 64 kbps

Shelly Browning is finally getting her life together. At 26, she's survived a failed marriage and is going back to school to finish her degree. Except history is about to repeat itself. During her first day on campus, Shelley finds herself in the class of Grant Chapman, her former teacher, and the man whose kiss still burns in her memory from when she was 16. Certain he won't remember, she keeps her distance - until one day he insists they meet for coffee. Shelley finds him as brilliant as ever, and the chemistry between them unchanged. But the sacred law of the university prohibits the kind of relationship they are longing for. If they break it, they risk all they've both worked for; if they don't, they risk never knowing what could be.

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