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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bragg, Melvyn - The Adventure of English

The Adventure of English (2003)
A non fiction book by Melvyn Bragg

English is the collective work of millions of people throughout the ages. It is democratic, ever-changing and ingenious in its assimilation of other cultures. English runs through the heart of world finance, medicine and the Internet, and it is understood by around two thousand million people across the world. Yet it was very nearly wiped out in its early years. In this book Melvyn Bragg shows us the remarkable story of the English language; from its beginnings as a minor guttural Germanic dialect to its position today as a truly established global language. THE ADVENTURE OF ENGLISH is not only an enthralling story of power, religion and trade, but also the story of people, and how their day-to-day lives shaped and continue to change the extraordinary language that is English.

Narrator: Robert Powell
Audio format: mp3 166 MB
Genre: Non-fiction, Educational, History
Source: Audible aa conversion
Bit Rate: 32 kbps
Length: 12 hour(s) and 12 min.
Publisher: BBC WW (August 25, 2005)
Version: unabridged

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