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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bradley, Marion Zimmer - The Fall Of Neskaya

During the era of the Hundred Kingdoms, when Darkover is splintered by constant border conflicts, the laranzu Rumail, ambitious and power-hungry King Damian's Tower-trained brother, is sent to Verdanta to examine young Coryn Leynier and his sisters for evidence of psychic ability. While examining Coryn, Rumail buries a weapon of destruction deep within his mind. Rumail knows Coryn's laran is strong and gambles that the boy will become a Keeper, the highest rank among the Tower-trained. As such, Coryn would be perfectly placed to unwittingly bring down Darkover's most powerful dynasty, the Hasturs of Thendara, putting control of Darkover in Damian's hands. Coryn does indeed become Keeper of Neskaya Tower, but Rumail fails to reckon on the power of love to intervene. Yet when Neskaya falls, will Coryn and his lover, a Hastur queen, be equal to the near-impossible task of stopping Rumail's abominable abuse of laran? Completing this new novel of Darkover after Bradley's death, Ross succeeds in keeping it true to Bradley's style.

Audio CD Edition
Listening Length:  15 Hours and 23 Mins
Program Type:  Audiobook
Version:  Unabridged
Publisher:  DAW
Format:  MP3
Size:  639 MB

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