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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bradford, Barbara Taylor - A Sudden Change of Heart

A Sudden Change of Heart (1998)
A novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford

At thirty-one, Laura Valiant is an art historian. She and her husband Douglas, a Wall Street lawyer, have a happy though childless marriage. But Laura discovers he has a secret life apart from her. Claire, her best friend, asks Laura to become guardian to her teenage daughter. It is then that Laura's troubles really begin.

Product Description

Laura Valiant and Claire Benson are best friends from childhood and have remained exceptionally close through the turmoil of adult life. They have much to celebrate: Laura is a partner in a challenging and successful art dealership in New York, and her marriage to the handsome and always amiable Doug seems to come right from a storybook. Though divorced from her French husband, Philippe Lavillard, Claire delights in her precocious daughter, Natasha. But the two friends' lives do not follow the paths we imagine they will, and when Claire is confronted with sudden tragedy, she naturally turns to Laura for help. When the long-hidden history of the Lavillard family intersects with Laura's investigation into artwork stolen by the Nazis during the war, Barbara Taylor Bradford's gripping tale reaches a dramatic and unexpected crescendo.

Narrator: Lorelei King
Audio format: mp3 147 MB
Genre: fiction
Source: download from online vendor
Bit Rate: 32 kbps
Length: 10:00:06
Publisher: Chivers Sound Library; Unabridged edition (September 2000)
Version: unabridged

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