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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bly, Stephen - Black Hills 03 - The Long Trail Home

The Long Trail Home
(The third book in the Fortunes of the Black Hills series)
A novel by
Stephen Bly
The second son of Brazos Fortune, Samuel, is somewhat the lost sheep of the Fortune family. After he is run out of Texas, he ends up hiding out with his father and brother. Although he struggles to escape the consequences of his previous lifestyle, he refuses to talk about the past. Brazos has to deal with sending Samuel back to Texas to make amends or allowing him to have a new start in Dakota. To make things even more complicated, Samuel decides to marry a divorced woman with several children and a questionable reputation.

Narrator: Jerry Sciarrio
Audio format: mp3 123 MB
Genre: Western, fiction
Source: Overdrive conversion
Bit Rate:. 40 kbps
Edition: Unabridged
Publisher: Books In Motion
Number of parts: 8
Duration: 7 hours, 10 minutes
ISBN: 9781605481678
Release date: Jan 26, 2009

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