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Monday, 7 November 2011

Bernhardt, William - Susan Pulaski 02 - Strip Search

Strip Search
(The second book in the Susan Pulaski series)
A novel by
William Bernhardt
In Dark Eye Susan Pulaski teamed up with Darcy O'Bannon, an autistic genius, to solve a series of gruesome crimes. Now, Darcy is acting as an unofficial consultant to Pulaski's work with the Las Vegas Police Department as a police behaviorist, and once again Pulaski needs his mind to track a serial murderer with a cryptic modus operandi. The killer views himself as an angel of vengeance, punishing others for the crimes of his own childhood, and he selects his victims through a mysterious numerology. In order to understand the killer, Pulaski needs Darcy's help more than ever, but his father, a detective with the LVPD, opposes his involvement. Now Pulaski must fight against an increasingly hostile police department as the body count rises.
Las Vegas police behaviorist Susan Pulaski races to stop a serial killer who uses a mysterious numerology to select his victims in this chilling sequel to Dark Eye.

another synopsis:

She likes the sudden seconds of sheer terror. The neon dreams fit perfectly with the dreams that wake her up at night: about the man she loved and lost, about the constant temptations in her life, and about the odds that inevitably she'll be in the right place at the right time to look naked, human madness in the eye.

Welcome to the world of Susan Pulaski, an unconventional and unusually subversive Las Vegas police behaviorist who's already been canned once and has never been needed more. In the Sin City, someone is ritually murdering handpicked victims, each with dirty secrets in their past. The killer's gimmick: Not only does he leave behind parts of the victims' bodies, he also writes obscure mathematical formulas - in their blood. Pulaski doesn't have a clue what the codes mean. But she knows someone who will.

Darcy O'Bannon is a twenty-six-year-old whose autistic savant skills are perfect for unraveling such mysteries as how many rivets are in the Eiffel Tower and how many Elvis impersonators there will be in the year 2020. As it turns out, innocent Darcy can also think along the arcane lines of Vegas's most savage serial killer, peering into a numerological mystery that stretches back hundreds of years.

With her own life one spark away from going off the rails, her department turned against her, and the lives of those she cares most about in jeopardy, Pulaski hunts for dangerous prey in the shadow of the Strip - with herself as the perfect bait. And the closer she gets, the more terrifying and intriguing the case becomes, for the person she's tracking possesses truly ingenious powers - and a heart full of hate.

The incomparable William Bernhardt brings to life America's most fascinating city and the people who police it, while he invites the reader to join one woman's fight to stay sane, stay alive, and keep a killer from making the most shocking score of all.

64 kbps unabridged
Number of parts: 10
Duration: 12 hours, 18 minutes
ISBN: 9781415936665
Release date: Aug 28, 2007

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